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We offer our knowledge and experience in the following areas:

  • technical operation and maintenance of hydraulic systems to ensure their long and reliable service
  • modernization and upgrades of old hydraulic systems to adjust them to the up-to-date technologies, based on top-quality diagnostics equipment, allowing for making on-the-fly measurements and record the main parameters: pressure, flow and oil cleanliness class.
  • Professional installation, start-up and technical maintenance of complete hydraulic systems; the Company owns service cars equipped with professional equipment for diagnostics and installations of oil hydraulic systems; the Company also provides professional training on their technical maintenance and operation.
  • Tests and inspections of hydraulic accumulators for signs of wear and suitability for further operation, and for meeting requirements of UDT (The Office for Technical Inspection).

PONAR provides internal and external inspections of pressure tanks, performing magnetic-dust test, pressure tests and measurements of thickness of the tank’s walls, under supervision of UDT, TÜV, GL, ABS representatives, or other classifying units. The Company carries out tests of check valves manufactured by PONAR and also products of other manufacturers. The Customer receives a full documentation from us, necessary to register the device with the UDT office.