Ikonka nawigacji

electrically operated directional control valves type WE

Size 6 s. 32 P
Flow (dm3/min) up to 80
Pressure (MPa) do 35

Product information

Electrically operated directional spool valve type WE6…P is intended for changing the direction of fluid flow in a hydraulic system allowing change of the direction of movement of the receiver – usually a piston rod of a cylinder or a hydraulic motor and also performance of states: start, stop.

3D Models

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4WE6-3X-G-D-P.stp Download files
4WE6-3X-G-J-P.stp Download files
4WE6-3X-G-Z4-P.stp Download files
4WE6-3X-W-Z4-P.stp Download files
4WE6-A-3X-G-D-P.stp Download files
4WE6-A-3X-G-J-P.stp Download files
4WE6-A-3X-G-Z4-P.stp Download files
4WE6-A-3X-W-Z4-P.stp Download files
4WE6-B-3X-G-D-P.stp Download files
4WE6-B-3X-G-J-P.stp Download files
4WE6-B-3X-G-Z4-P.stp Download files
4WE6-B-3X-W-Z4-P.stp Download files