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We've been powering the industry for over 50 years!

In 2015 we were celebrating the Golden Anniversary of the Company's existence. For over half a century, our knowledge, experience and quality have been appreciated by the largest companies and partners. We are present in each major industry: from aviation - to marine industry, from mining - to power industry, from defence - up to agricultural machinery.

We achieve top quality in all fields and therefore can be present on international market and gain trust of the constantly growing group of Customers.


Major milestones in the history of PONAR Wadowice S.A.

──── 1965  

The history of the production plant in Wadowice, at Wojsko Polskie 29 street goes back to 1965 when (by the decision of the Ministry of Heavy Industry) in the centre of Wadowice a new plant was created, the Experimental Facility of the Institute of Machining "Wadios"). The new factory initiated production of prototypical, precise machining equipment and tools.

──── 1967

Based on the experience acquired by the employees and on the design documentation developed by the Central Office for Machine Tools - Pruszków, intended for Polish machine processing industry, production of hydraulic elements was launched.

──── 1972

A new factory at the 29 Wojsko Polskie Street was opened and equipped with universal machine processing tools.

──── 1974-1976

Hydraulic elements based on the MANNESMANN-REXROTH license were launched into production, also the machinery park was modernized.

──── 1981

Multiple efforts were made to convert the plant into an independent unit. By the decret of the Minister of Machinery Industry, a new company was created: Machine Tool Elements Factory; PONAR-Wadowice that was dealing with production of oil hydraulic elements, cylinders, hydraulic/electric elements, electrical control circuits and hydraulic systems.

──── 1992

During this time, efforts were made to privatise the factory; the first stage of this proces was converting the state-owned company into the so-called single-person company of the national treasury.

──── 1998

Certification process for quality management system ISO 9001:1994 was initiated.

──── 2005

The name of the company was changed from Hydraulic elements factory "PONAR-Wadowice S.A." to "PONAR-Wadowice S.A.". In 2005 the first company branch was opened in Wroclaw.

──── 2007

A new company specialising in hydraulic systems production was established.

──── 2011

Begining of the proces of modernization of the machinery park.

──── 2016

The company acquired PONAR Lubań - a producer of hydraulic cylinders.

──── 2017

Two companies PONAR Silesia S.A. and PONAR Wadowice S.A.  merged under one name "PONAR Wadowice S.A." with two production facilities in Wadowice and Łaziska Górne.

──── 2018

PONAR Wadowice SA became the owner of the company PONAR Pressure Systems SA, expanding in this way its offer to include high pressure water systems of PONAR Pressure brand.


PONAR today

PONAR Wadowice is a Polish company offering Polish solutions for the industry. We are a trusted and reliable partner in designing, production, servicing oil hydraulic elements and complete hydraulic systems.