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Nomination for the Malopolska Economic Award2018 Published on: 8 October 2018

Nomination for the Malopolska Economic Award2018

PONAR Wadowice S.A. was nominated for the Malopolska Economic Award2018 in the category Large Entrepreneur.

The award is granted to companies producing goods or offering services that gained recognition among the consumer or enjoy good market position.

During the gala of granting the awards, special congratulations were passed to the companies that achieved honorary distinction. “It is you who create new trends and utilize innovative solutions in your companies. Without your work, our Lesser Poland (Malopolska) would not be able to develop so dynamically” – said Mr Grzegorz Lipiec of the Voivodship Board.

ON behalf of the Board, the nomination to the Malopolska Economic Award received Mrs Magdalena Białas – the Director of the Corporate Governance and Controlling.


Pictures published thanks to the courtesy of UMWM.