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PONAR Pressure

PONAR Pressure means experience and creativity in the approach to applications in the field of high-pressure water and oil hydraulics, control and automation systems in  explosion hazard zones using “no-man entry” solutions (without human intervention).

The brand belongs to PONAR Wadowice SA (www.ponar-silesia.pl), which for over 50 years has been one of the largest manufacturers of hydraulic equipment in Poland, delivering its solutions not only domestically but also abroad, cooperating only with reliable partners, who are the leaders in their industries.

The team of PONAR Pressure has over 15 years of experience in the mining industry and references on the implementation of the most innovative solutions, which were later widely used in various industries.

Our goal is to offer solutions effective in operation, tailored to the client’s expectations, economical and environmentally friendly.

Thanks to our original technical solutions we achieve greater performance with specific Customers’ requirements, thus ensuring performance stability at the level of 100% in the operation process of the equipment. We focus our activities on modular as well as individual solutions using the technology of water at high pressure (HP – High Pressure and UHP – Ultra High Pressure). Our services are used in all industries requiring precision is in operation, quality and responsibility.

We are the originators and manufacturers of robotic devices and accessories to support the works where high pressure of water is used.

With our activities we support water jetting / hydroblasting. For Clients providing cleaning services of heat exchangers (pipe cleaning systems) we offer OEM solutions as an automatic lance feeder (pipe worker) – FEEDERbox with positioning frame (FlexFrame).

 Benefits of cooperation

Using our services you will introduce order and harmony into the time of your work. Our engineers from the construction and design office, which has almost 120 employees, will effectively find a solution dedicated to a certain problem.

Thanks to focusing on automation and monitoring of processes in our solutions, our services are safe and efficient.

Wide pressure range, in which we operate, allows us to provide services for you in an expanded range of applications. Thus, we are able to meet even the most unusual individual needs.

Cooperation with PONAR Pressure will provide you with the opportunity to focus on the daily responsibilities that lead to ensure a more favorable financial result..