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PONAR Pressure – watch our new video Published on: 13 April 2018

PONAR Pressure – watch our new video

PONAR Pressure – watch our new clip with our selected UHP equipment & manipulators.

  • PONArobo – a magnetic crawler with a system of waste extraction system for ferromagnetic surface treatment.
  • FEEDERcombo box 3in1 – complete application dedicated for inside tube cleaning of condensers and heat exchangers by using 1,2 or 3 flex-lances.
  • Aqua Cutter 410A Evo – professional robot dedicated for precision surface milling & concrete removal with UHP water without using abrasive substances.
  • HP & UHP accessories
  • JETtrolley 500/30 EL - complete electric pump unit 500 bar, 30 lpm
  • TST protective clothes for HP & UHP purposes.


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