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3-way electrically operated proportional flow control valves type WDUD

Product information

3-way proportional flow control valve, electrically operated type WDUD6… is used to adjust the fluid flow rate irrespective of pressure on the supply (pump) in a hydraulic system. It allows to control the velocity of the actuator movement – mostly of the piston rod or hydraulic motor. The inlet fluid (port 1) is divided into two fluid streams: main fluid stream directed to port 3 and the remaining (residual) fluid stream directed via port 2 to the drain or to the supply of the other actuator.

3D Models

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WDUD6-0X-M1-J.stp Download files
WDUD6-0X-M1-J-R.stp Download files
WDUD6-0X-M1-J-R1.stp Download files
WDUD6-0X-M1-Z4.stp Download files
WDUD6-0X-M1-Z4-R.stp Download files
WDUD6-0X-M1-Z4-R1.stp Download files
WDUD6-0X-U1-J.stp Download files
WDUD6-0X-U1-J-R.stp Download files
WDUD6-0X-U1-J-R1.stp Download files
WDUD6-0X-U1-Z4.stp Download files
WDUD6-0X-U1-Z4-R.stp Download files
WDUD6-0X-U1-Z4-R1.stp Download files