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Test stand Data publikacji: 20 April 2017

Test stand MGB & AGB Test Rig is designed for testing the flow rate and tightness of airplane engines’ gears. The main tasks of the designed stand are following:

Flushing ports in housings or pipes with warmed oil. Checking the quantity/size of particles on mesh filters.
Flow check of the injectors. Visual inspection of oil stream at a given pressure, plus a check of flow rate.
Checking of tightness of the housing. Pressure drop after the test time.

The stand consists of three main elements:
- tight test chamber
- hydraulic system
- control panel

The stand was equipped with a very precise measurement devices: flow rate, pressure and temperature, at the inlet and outlet from the gear.  

Parameters of the hydraulic system:
1. Capacity of the main pump 2,2÷29 l/min
2. Capacity of the suction pump 9,8÷36,6 l/min
3. Nominal pressure of the system 10 bar
4. Allowable temperature range of oil 22 -100 °C