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Ultra-high pressure systems - offer

PONAR Pressure brand includes:



We offer a complete construction of ultra-high pressure systems, including delivery of properly selected accessories, control and technical service.The company carries out projects based on individual Customer’s requirements. Thanks to that, our solutions fulfil its purpose and find applications in many different projects which require a functional expansion.  

We manufacture systems in any housing, with electric or diesel engines. All applications are made with using components of the leading domestic and foreign producers. This results directly in longer lifetime of the devices and their many years of reliability.

The systems designed and manufactured by our company are always tested on special test rigs, which guarantees the proper functioning of all elements of the system and their material durability.



PONAR Pressure offers proprietary solutions in the area of ultra-high pressure cleaning. Devices produced by our company feature high safety of use and great efficiency, confirmed as result of tests carried our by independent company, active in the industry cleaning sector.

Our offer includes the following types of manipulators:



Our offer includes magnetic robots. Technical and use possibilities are intended for companies that deal with or are using cleaning services or preparing ferromagnetic surfaces for re-use.



Since 2017 we have been an authorised and sole trade partner of the Italian producer of hydraulic extractors, IDROJET company. Our offer also includes services related to construction of extractors according to individual Customer requirements as to the length and weight of heat exchangers.
Extractors are devices intended for extracting and inserting pipe inserts of heat exchangers. They are made as a frame hung with a band to a hook of a work crane. Extractor is equipped with a hydraulic power pack with an internal combustion drive. Additionally, the device can be equipped with an extender allowing work with inserts of greater length.

The device is remotely controlled by using a console connected by cords to the electro-hydraulic installation.

As an Authorised Trading Partner, PONAR Pressure offers following types of hydraulic extractors:

  1. Pull & Push with a diesel engine
  2. Pull & Push with a pneumatic engine
  3. SUPER CLEVER IdroKid up to 25 T
  4. SUPER IdroKid up to 35 T
  5. SUPER IdroKid up to 45 T
  6. MEGA IdroKid up to 45 T
  7. SUPER MEGA IdroKid do 65 T
  8. SUPER MEGA IdroKid 2 do 75 T
  9. EXTRA BIG IdroKid do 100 T
  10. SUPER BIG IdroKid do 100 T
  11. Self-propelling extractor from 25 to 40 T
  12. Self-propelling extractor from 22 to 25 T
  13. Extractor up to 10 T built up on a vehicle
  14. Extractor with an arm, up to 50 T
  15. Scissor-type extractor from 10 to 22 T



We have in our offer also technically advanced operation and control systems for ultra high pressure systems. Our systems feature reliability of use and provide easy operation, thanks to the integrated control panel.

We offer the following systems:



Taking advantage of the already created technical resources, knowledge and equipment of our business Partners, we can guarantee the optimal solutions in the field of utilizing highly pressurised water and robotisation. Linking together these two fields make it possible to use “NO MAN ENTRY” solutions, which not only guarantee increased level of safety, but also reduce the time of carried out works.

Thanks to our experience in works performer in areas exposed to a risk of explosion “Ex”, we can adjust applications, keeping the highest standards of safety. The highest level applies not only to ultra-high pressure hydraulics, but also to robots controlled wirelessly or via a cable connection.

Please feel welcome to contact us in order to learn more about our ways of solving problems with impurities in the explosive areas. Thanks to utilizing the latest technologies, we can prepare a solution for removing sediments or industrial substances.

PONAR Wadowice is the leading producer of water ultra-high pressure systems. We are a member of the European Water Jetting Institute, an organisation gathering business entities carrying our research or utilizing highly pressurised water (UHP) in the industry. PONAR Wadowice SA is the sole representative of Aquajet Systems AB, the world’s leader in production of robots for hydrodemolition.



Anticorrosion process is about removing layers of concrete with using highly pressurised water.

We are an Authorised Partner of Aquajet Systems AB , a Swedish producer of machinery for concrete chiselling, world leader in production of hydrodemolition robots.

Our solution:

  • does not introduce vibrations
  • does not emit dust to the environment
  • does not affect the reinforcement of the concrete
  • has anti-corrosive and cleaning effect on the reinforcement
  • limits noise emitted to the environment
  • allows for selective or non-selective removal of concrete, depending on the applied pressure
  • leaves clean surface of concrete
  • is safe and more efficient than traditional methods of concrete removal

As one of the very few companies in Poland, PONAR Wadowice have a complete system for concrete chiselling (dedicated UHP system + AquaCutter 410A robot), which we offer for sale and rent, including services of the operator during the carried out work.



PONAR Pressure has comprehensive knowledge on performing cleaning of industrial installation. That is why, we can advise in selection of cleaning technology, by focusing on:

  • automation of the process
  • speeding up the works
  • lowering the costs of cleaning
  • safety of the operators

The cleaning is carried out in cooperation with other friend-companies dealing with industrial cleaning, the companies that utilise our knowledge and equipment.

During such cooperation, we undertake tests of new technical solutions, which we can later improve.



Taking into consideration many years of experience in construction of complete high pressure applications for various industries, our qualified engineering-servicing staff will be glad to share their technical knowledge.

That is why, on Customer's request we organize technical training in the following areas:

  • Operation of UHP equipment,
  • Healthy and safety when working with ultra high water pressure
  • Automatics and programming of UHP devices
  • Proper selection of working parameters and dedicated accessories

After completing the training, each of the participants receives a certificat confirming the completion of the training.



As an experienced engineering-servicing staff, PONAR Pressure on Customer's request performs repairs and servicing of the main types of high pressure machinery, used during UPH works. Our reliability and prefessionalism as well as many years of experience, guarantees long life of the machine during the next works carried out for the Customers.

On Customer's request, we also carry out complete modernizations of the equipment, such as: change of technical parameters, changes to the current functionality, change of the device size, etc.

Thanks to these modernisations, the Customer has a chance to re-discover the abilities of his/her machinery park.